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The New Asset Class Helping Investors Earn 7% Yields While Lowering Their Risk
by Patrick Watson

While the Fed may be raising interest rates, the reality is we still live in a low-yield world...

Fixed income investors like you and I are in a conundrum: Do we put our hard-earned savings into bonds for measly returns or buy stocks at all-time highs? It’s not a great choice... And one you no longer have to make.

In my new report, The New Asset Class That Helps Investors Earn 7% Yields in a 2.5% World, I show you how to start earning market-beating yields in as little as 30 days... and simultaneously reduce your portfolio’s risk exposure.

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As I detail in this free special report, you can earn yields of as much as 10.4% through investing in the Peer-to-Peer Lending (P2P) industry. Compare that to the 1.2% banks now offer in one-year certificates of deposit... or the S&P 500’s 2.1% average dividend yield.

And those returns feature very little “correlation” to traditional stock and bond markets. Your revenue stream can keep flowing even through wild market gyrations or big interest rate moves.

The grid below shows the beta of other investment sectors, including P2P, compared to the US stock market. An investment with a “beta” of 1 would exactly track the US stock market’s volatility. You can see P2P’s low, low beta at just 0.19.

This exciting development is so dramatic that even the world’s largest money managers now use this same method to earn market-beating yields.

Inside the special report, you’ll learn:

  • How the P2P industry takes lending away from traditional banks and puts it into the hands of investors like you.
  • How the data crunchers at P2P lending companies use deep data to streamline the lending process, closely manage default risks, and generate yields that are 3, 5, even 10 times higher than available from other yield instruments.
  • How the leading P2P lending platforms (Lending Club, Prosper, Upstart, etc.) stack up so you can choose the easiest, fastest, and most efficient tools to optimize your new revenue stream.
  • Which special screening tools are available to help you get excess returns on the already high income you earn from your P2P lending platform.
  • Exactly how to get started... hint: you can be up and running just minutes from now.

There are no strings attached and nothing to buy when you request your free report today.

 Patrick Watson
Patrick Watson
Senior Economic Analyst & Editor
Mauldin Economics

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